We can assist you filing for divorce. We handle uncontested divorce proceedings. We can provide you with an attorney or we can create a pro se case for you.


We have bankruptcy petition preparers ready to do all the paperwork for you whether you are filing Chapter 7 or 13. We can provide you with an attorney or you may decide to do your action pro se.

Child Support

We do all the legwork for you including have the delinquent parent served and providing you with  an attorney for your court date.

Deportation Assistance (AOS)

An Adjustment of Status (AOS) potentially grants an immigrant permanent resident status, and can be used as a defense to deportation for those immigrants who qualify. Some of the requirements include an available visa number, petitioning family member or employer and that the immigrant is admissible per current immigration laws.

Pre-Trial Assistance

If you are awaiting trial, make sure you have the help you need. Being prepared is key in any judicial situation. Let us help you find the attorney you require with the support you'll need.

DUI Assistance

If you just received a DUI or are facing multiple DUI's, don't go it alone. Let us help you get the help you'll need.

Pro Se Assistance

You have a legal challenge but you don't want to pay high legal costs. If you feel confident you can speak for yourself in court, make sure you are prepared. We can help.

Post Conviction Assistance

You've done your time or received a deferred judgement. The time has come to rebuild your future. We can help.

Court Appearance Attorney

You already know you have a good chance of winning your case but you are not comfortable speaking in court. Let us help you get the help you need.

What our customers are saying

I would highly recommend this business to family, friends, or co-workers and can't wait to start my new life!

Jose Delgado