Who are we? We are an administrative platform with access to a nationwide network of attorneys that specialize in assisting individuals with a criminal past.

Are you a law firm? No. We provide administrative assistance preparing all documents and petitions for litigation that are reviewed and approved by in- house counsel for accuracy and proper protocol.

How do you do it? Administratively. Our attorneys interview every candidate and gather all information pertinent to their case and our private detectives interview potential witnesses to gather beneficial information pertaining to your situation. 

Where do I go to court? Your hearing/trial will take place at the original court where you were adjudicated, received deferred adjudication, or are scheduled to appear.

When do I go to court? We request a court date after the case is built and all protocols are met, it is reviewed by in house counsel and then submitted to an attorney in the network for review at which time you will attend the hearing for relief.

Is this a free service? No, we charge a flat rate fee for our services. We do make payment arrangements if necessary.

What guarantees do I have?  None. It is unethical and unlawful to pledge a guaranteed outcome in any criminal or civil proceeding.